(Bring this information with you to the Chautauqua)

  • Arrival: Arrive 20-40 minutes ahead of scheduled crossing time.
    Wednesday, September 7, 2016. Crossing at 12:00 noon  
  • Departure:
    Sunday, September 11, 2016. Crossing at 11:30am.
    (Times may change be sure to check back before departing for Westwind).
To get to Westwind we must cross the Salmon River via Westwind's ferry at high tide. You must arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the designated time. You must cross at the time designated! It is better to be early than late!

If an emergency arises and you are going to be late for the river crossing, please call Haley, 503-539-3470, at least 2 hours in advance of your arrival time. You will be assessed a minimum of $100.00 for any unscheduled crossings including arriving late. If you can't reach Haley, please call Kim 503-539-0388.

Once you arrive at Westwind you are there for the duration of the Chautauqua. There are no early departures. Accommodations are made for emergencies only. Please consider this when making your travel plans.

Cover all baggage with heavy-duty waterproof bags for protection against the rain or dampness. You may want to bring extra bags for the crossing out on Sunday. Mark your baggage clearly.

Dress for a 1/2 mile walk to the site in the sand. Our luggage will be transported to the lodge by the Westwind truck, and then you carry your luggage (uphill) to your cabin.

We park at Knights Park. Park in the car parking spaces. Do NOT park in the spaces for trailers. Parking is limited; we will direct you to an overflow parking area, and provide a shuttle, if necessary. Sometimes we are asked to park along the road.

Lock vehicles and leave no valuables. Westwind and the Chautauqua are not responsible for theft or vandalism of vehicles.

Do NOT block the boat ramp while unloading gear.

The river crossing is via the Westwind ferry/barge - a few minutes ride across the river. Everyone must wear a PFD (personnel floatation devices - life jackets provided by Westwind) on the crossing.

The crossings are labor intensive and can be chaotic. It usually takes 30 min 1 hour to cross our entire group (but sometimes it goes very quickly – this usually depends on the number of staff Westwind assigns to cross us). Please be patient and listen carefully to the directions provided by our Chautauqua Staff (homeschool parent volunteers) who will be taking direction from the Westwind personnel.

Everyone will assist in loading luggage onto the truck. Generally, food boxes and hard gear are loaded first.

The boat landing is a public ramp. It must be kept clear at all times of luggage and people. Please supervise your children in this regard.

Map Quest to Boat Lunch at Knight County Park
Directions:Map of Knight County Park N Three Rocks Rd Otis, OR 97368, US

Westwind is 90 miles southwest of Portland, just north of Lincoln City at the mouth of the Salmon River Estuary. Approximate driving time from Portland is 2 hours.

  1. From Portland, take I-5 or Barbur Blvd. south to Tigard/Newburg Exit 294 (99W - Pacific Hwy)
  2. Continue on 99W for about 45 minutes past McMinnville to Hwy.18 (left turn). Follow signs to Hwy. 101 junction, just north of Lincoln City (another 45 minutes)
  3. Take Hwy.101 North for 1 � mile.
  4. Turn left (west) at "YWCA Youth Camp" sign, also marked as "Three Rocks Road."
  5. Follow Three Rocks Road to Y intersection (2 � miles).
  6. Turn left to Knight's Park. Travel 100 yards to Knight park turn in and park to the immediate left. Boat ramp and dock are straight ahead on the river. We will meet by the boat ramp. Look for a Chautauqua staff person to check in.
  7. The site staff will take you to Westwind by ferry.
From any other location consult map for location of Lincoln City or Neskowin. Westwind lies in between these two towns.