Camp Westwind is owned by the Westwind Stewardship Group who rents the facility to groups such as ours during the school year. The following list of guidelines have been established by Westwind . Please respect these guidelines during your stay so we will enjoy a safe stay and continued use of the facility in the future. If you have never been to Westwind, don't let all the warnings scare you - it's a great place.

1. Emergency phones are located upstairs in the lodge and at the Westwind office next to the women's restroom below the lodge:
  1. Police & Fire 911
  2. Westwind Office 541-994-2383
  3. Site Manager 541-921-5210
  4. Coast Guard 541-322-3246
  5. Lincoln City Hospital 541-994-3661

2. Emergency Procedures.
  1. Continuous Ringing Bell- fire evacuation bell- all group participants gather on the ocean beach directly in front of Wilson Lodge.
  2. Continuous Staggered Ringing Bell- 3 rings and a pause over and over- general emergency bell and all participants meet in front of lodge.

3. Please do not contact the Westwind staff if you have a problem. Instead, communicate to one of the Chautauqua staff.

4. Notify the Chautauqua staff immediately of any of the following (so we can communicate it to the Westwind personnel):
  1. Lost person
  2. Fire
  3. Emergency transport of injured
  4. Trespasser
  5. Loose livestock
  6. Any unusual circumstance

5. A first aid kit, available for your use, is kept above the fireplace in the dining room.

6. In the event of a medical emergency:
  1. Check for breathing
  2. Check for severe bleeding
  3. Do not move victim
  4. Treat for shock
  5. Send Runner to get a designated first aid person and Chautauqua staff (and Westwind personnel as required)
  6. Assist with treatment

7. Protect wildlife, trees and shrubs. Leave growing things undisturbed. Do not approach wildlife. Leave live tidepool creatures in the tidepools. Sometimes participants find starfish on the beach. If you turn them over and their legs (tiny tentacles) are moving, they are still alive.

8. Stay off tidepool rocks to save the habitat. Do not enter caves, climb on rock cliffs or stand near unstable cliffs. Needle's Eye is the hole in the rocks at the south end of the beach. This area has become unstable and has been the site of several rock falls over past years. The rock falls are completely unpredictable and will result in serious injury or death if participants are near or within the Needle's Eye when such an event occurs. Please use caution.

9. Respect barriers and fences.

10. BEWARE of cliffs if hiking outside of the cabin area (south mostly).

12. Shoes are recommended at all times, and are required in the dining and kitchen areas.

13. No throwing of objects (sand, rocks, etc.)

14. Do not dig holes in the sand in front or around the lodge.

15. Supervise children at all times. There are many ways a child could be seriously hurt or lost if not supervised.

16. Travel in pairs or in groups especially after dark. If you come upon a trespasser: Greet the person and inform him or her of their inadvertent trespass and offer to provide directions off the property. Initially do not offer an explanation of the nature of the site. Notify Chautauqua staff. If the person appears unapproachable do not speak with them and notify our staff who will contact Westwind personnel. Do not put yourself or others in danger.

17. No weapons allowed on site.

18. No pets.

19. We may move mattresses to suit our needs. If you don't have enough mattresses in your cabin, ask a neighbor if they have extras. Mattress must be moved back to their original location on the final day.

20. Water and electricity are precious commodities. Please do not waste. Please turn off your cabin lights, appropriate lodge, restroom, and trail lights each evening or morning.

21. Do not move furniture out of the lodge without permission.

22. Please do not keep food in the sleeping cabins. Mice, raccoons, possums, etc. are capable of getting into almost any container devised by modern human technology. A space will be provided in the lodge for food boxes.

23. Do not add to the graffiti (name carvings, etc.) in the cabins or anywhere else. If you or your children create more you will be held financially responsible as well as for any other damage that you may cause to the facility.

24. Do not tamper with smoke detectors. Inform one of our staff if detectors are malfunctioning.

25. Garbage and recycling containers will be provided. Please use them. Clean up after yourself and your children. Let's maintain a clean atmosphere during our entire stay.

26. The power and cold of the ocean kills visitors to Oregon beaches each year. Please respect the ocean! Big ocean swells and sneaker waves (unexpected large waves) appear without warning. Beach strollers have been swept off the beach or crushed by huge beach logs tossed about like toothpicks.

27. Do not swim in the ocean or the river.

28. Do not stand on or near beach logs.

29. Never turn your back on the ocean.

30. Be careful of undertows, especially with outgoing tides.

31. Beware of currents that run north and south along the beach. They can carry you far from where you entered the water.

32. If carried out by the current, try to stay calm and afloat and try not to fight the tide. Swim parallel to the beach to reach an incoming tide.

33. Ocean water off the Oregon coast ranges from 44-52 degrees Fahrenheit. A person wearing only a swimsuit becomes debilitated very quickly if carried out to sea. Treat for signs of hypothermia immediately upon rescue and notify site first aid people and Chautauqua staff.

34. In the event of a water related emergency, reaching or throwing are the only rescue techniques that should be attempted. There are throwing devices located on camp barges and tractors. If the victim is not reachable in this way, the Coast Guard must be notified immediately. 541-322-3246

35. Flammable materials are prohibited in buildings including kerosene lamps and candles. Only battery powered light is allowed.

36. Fire works are prohibited.

37. Cigarette smoking is allowed only in designated areas- the ocean beach or an area near the lodge that the group designates with #10 cans filled with sand for cigarette butts (if you can't find it, ask). Smoking in dune areas, the forest or cabins is not allowed. Pick up butts.

38. Outdoor fires may occur in established fire rings or on the beach in approved areas. At each outdoor fire a shovel and bucket of water must be readily available.

39. Fire extinguishers are located at:
  1. Stables
  2. WyEast
  3. Shop
  4. Barges
  5. Wilson Lodge
  6. McIver Center
  7. Caretaker's House
  8. Vi's Place

40. If you are indoors - stay there. Get under a table and hang on to it. Stay clear of windows, fireplaces and heavy furniture or appliances. Don't rush outside. Falling glass or building parts may injure you. Do not try using stairs while the building is shaking.

41. If you are outside, get into the OPEN, away from buildings, trees and power lines.

42. If you are near the beach cliffs, be alert for falling rock and other debris.

43. After the earthquake, if possible evacuate buildings and gather in the Alpine Unit (cabins up the hill directly behind the lodge). Site staff will make assessments of damages/rescues/assign tasks/etc. If the Alpine Unit is inaccessible get to high ground in case of tsunami cause by earthquake. Tsunami's are gigantic waves. If a tsunami is generated by a local earthquake that may not be time for an official warning. Any violent earthquake that causes you to fall or hold onto something to keep from falling is a natural tsunami warning - get to high ground away from sand.

Use or possession of illegal drugs may result in you being asked to leave (and pay the extra crossing fee). No refunds of payment.
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